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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Sisters having the same one

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The first summer after I got married to my husband Mike is when it happened. My little sister Hayley was fifteen and asked if Mike could help her drive. I worked from 1pm to 9pm.
During that time Mike and Hayley spent together driving.
Later I was told everything that happened.
The first day they were on the back roads going to the creek and Hayley had to pee badly. They pulled up behind some trees where nobody else could see them. Mike waited in the car while Hayley took a leak. The next time he looked out the door he saw Hayley standing in front of him naked. Hayley said that she was horney and she wanted Mike to pleasure her like he does for me.
He said he had her lay down on the seat and he sucked and licked her tender honey hole between her legs until she got two orgasms.
Then he fucked her for a while and they both cumed together. They said they made love again when they were home in the shower and in my bed.
The following morning I was getting my hole ate and Hayley came in the room and got next to me saying she was needing her juices sucked too.



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