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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Black dick finds niave wife

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It started when she and her husband was forced to move in the hood, they are both shy niave Pakistan people her husband Ziad was 30 years old work in in a computer office he was smart but a very soft man he would go to work every morning leaving him wife maliha to do the house shores she was a knock out at 24 years old she was a sex goddess her measurements were 36c-26-36 she had a tan a cute face beautiful cock draining lips her best asset was her wobbly jiggling ass, it would sway n jiggle every step she took n all the black gangster would try to holler at her even if her husband was there they would just ignore them since there English wasn’t so good n they couldn’t understand there ghetto language . Everything was okay until Tyrone notice maliha one morning she was dressed in sweat pants n a shirt n she was going to the super market she looked very sexy here full round ass was bouncing on her little 5’3 frame when she walked around the basketball court all the big black gangster were shouting at her for having such a nice ass she looked down n walked faster causing her ass to wiggle more. Tyrone started to take notice n would watch her. She came back a half hour later this time Tyrone told all his friends not to holla at her as she went in side the building she never takes the stairs cause it had bums n smelled like drugs n urine so she always took the slow dirty elevator as she went in and the elevator was closing Tyrone big gangster ass hold the door open and as he goes in he screams o it smells like pussy in here. Maliha gets nervous n presses the 48 floor n stands quitly holding her bags Tyrone stands right behind her n says damn u little bitch ur ass is fatt maliha turns her head and said o thank u then Tyrone presses the 68 floor as he does he purposly grinds his cock on her ass he’s wearing basketball shorts she’s wearing a light thin sweat pants so she can clearly feel his cock bulge pressing In her ass cheeks she didn’t say anything n he didn’t move away after pressing the button instead he got more bolder n grinded his Harding cock on her ass milha gripped her bags tighter he scooped one of her round ass cheeks took his big fat black cock out lifted up her other but cheek n stuffed his fat cock head up her ass maliha immediately felt a bulbous thick cock head in between her ass she was only wearing the thin grey sweet pants Tyrone let go of both her butt cheeks n they wrapped tight on his big fat black cock maliha waited a long moment and then finally said excuse me in her funny Indian accent Tyrone pinned here harder against the elevator wall n grabbed her neck tightly with both hands while pressing his big hard cock in her ass he felt her get scared n she but the bags down he noticed when he chocked her neck her ass quivered n shock with his cock pressed firmly up her ass then he let go of her neck and slapped her ass n kept slapped it again n again she just stod there bowing and watching the elevator go up as Tyrone spanked her ass hard n watched it shake he then got angry then out of no where he pulled her pants down with her underwear n noticed her pussy from the back as she was bent over had drool n spit in to her underwear he saw juice small tight pussy with thick lips leak out of her pussy n his eyes went down to the wet patch in her underwear Tyrone push her down further where her head was hitting the elevator wall looked at the red hand prints on her round ass n her tight pussy folds n saw it look like a snail was in her underwear his black cock got huge he pulled her round ass cheeks aside n saw her tiny little ass hole stare at him he bent down n spite right in her ass hole maliha almost jumped up he held her head back down n she bent back down as he adjusted her as he wanted her ass stuck out more n he pulled one of her ass cheeks apart n he saw her little butt hole was wet with his spite he grabbed his huge cock head n pressed forward lodging his fat cock head up her ass he kept trying to fit his huge cock head up here tiny ass hole Then maliha started to try to turn her head and said in her funny accent ur cock is to thick ur cock is to thick please it is to thick Tyrone pinned her head back down pressed the elevator button to stop wat the fuck u say to me u lil bitch n chocked her hard as he was choking her he was still trying to push his big cock up her ass n then he let go n with one hand he slapped her ass hard n he went back to choke her with both hands as he grabbed her neck n pressed his cock up her ass maliha let out almost like a loud evil farting sound and Tyrone got his big cock head to slip in her anal ring maliha started shreaking ouchh it hurts ur big thick cock is up my ass oo iiaaa it’s in my ass it’s in my ass Tyrone didn’t move just kept his cock head stuffed up her ass n waited for maliha to calm down her butt hole kept spasming squeezing hard on his cock head he liked the feeling he tried to push more of his dick in to her ass maliha would scream oww then he would stop n try again she would say please no it is to Bigg please or it’s already in please ooww for 10 min he tried to get his cock deeper then they heard a knock and a Kik on the elevator door wish scared maliha then she heard people cursing the elevator for being stuck then Mr Lee the maintenance man was on the other side saying well folks it’s going to be at least an hour until I get this door open Tyrone felt releived hearing that but then one of the guys with the mr Lee said I swear I heard someone in that elevator Then he shouted is any one in there maliha being gullible n niave yes im in here Tyrone quickly squeezed her neck tight to shut her up as he did he noticed her ass hole get a little lose n his cock slid a lil deeper in her ass maliha started saying oww again the maintenance man said don’t worry little lady we will get u out there in no time she turned her head to look Tyrone in the eyes for the first time n said thank u as he pushed his cock deeper up her ass maliha tried to stay quiet Tyrone was now starting to fuck maliha n maliha would make loud meancing farting sound Everytime he pushed deeper in her n she would wimper aii owww oww which can be heard by a small crowd n the maintenance man r u okay miss, noo maliha screamed Tyrone quickly choked her to shut her up as he did his cock went up her ass anthore 2 inches of his huge 12 n half inch cock travel up maliha ass owwe aii owwww Tyrone stopped moving n her ass n whispered in her ear say u twist ur ankle, I hurt my ankle owww aiii ok not to worry mam well have u out soon she turned her head n looked at Tyrone n the eyes n said thank u no prob said Lee the maintenance man maliha just stayed there for a moment she thought Tyrone wasn’t going to fuck her any more as he started to pull out his cock but then he pushed back in and a nasty loud noises started coming out of her ass n Tyrone started fucking her she would scream hard n u can hear farting sounds then two people but there ears to the door n heard screaming and as if some one was banging there hand on the elevator door which was maliha head bumbing in to the wall n u can hear kind of a hand clapping which was maliha ass o she’s just in a little pain we will get her out soon Tyrone laughed to him self as he started fucking her hard but she only took less than half his thick cock wouldn’t go any deeper he knew he would have to choke her to get deeper because right when she is about to pass out from the choking her ass get a bit less loose but he kept fucking her just like that oww aiii oww… Ms do u live in apt 672c … Yeee yes I. I I doo aii well I think ur husband is coming up the stairs. Oooww aii ook thankk u .. Tyrone just kept fucking her then she heard a knock on the door and her husband voice n tyrone stopped fucking her honey are u okay she felt Tyrone pulling out of her ass n just kept his cock head in her anal ring as she was talking to her husband then Tyrone was whispering in her ear u slut wife u have a big black cock up ur married ass and ur talking to ur husband I should beat him up n fuck u in front of him u dirty lil slut u better do everything I tell u ,u hear me she looked back and shoke her head yes Tyrone noticed her little but head was squeezing him again as he was whispering in her ear her husband was talking to her the whole time but she really wasn’t paying attention then she said okay yes honey it’s just that im in so much pain and as she was talking Tyrone went in her grocery bag n took out a fruit drink that had a cork in it which he drank and saved the cork in his pocket and then noticed he can smell maliha wet pussy in the elevator he whispered in her ear tell ur hubby u love him she looked behind her and in to Tyrone eyes again and said honey I love yooiuu Tyrone pushed his thick man cock back up her ass with a vengence and everyone her her scream n her ass started queefing and making dirty sounds as he fucked her with hard short stabs she kept screaming aaii aiii aiii aiii aai aaii the two men out side the elevator put there ears back on the wall n kept trying to listen and her husband was talking to her from out side the elevator door telling her to just hold on it will be over soon that made Tyrone mad and he started using a towel from her bag to gag her like a horse he was riding her like a bronce as he was pulling her head back using the towel in her mouth as leverage and with that anthore inch was going up her ass and he just kept pile driving her watching her ass shack and ripple as he fucked her as hard as he can n he barely had half his cock up her ass yet he was fucking her as hard as he could for almost a half hour straight all u can hear is aiii aiii aiii aiii n feel the elevator shack in the inside aii aii ow aii aii and Ziad trying to comfort his innocent young wife as she was getting the daylights fucked out of her ass it’s okay honey it will be okay as Tyrone was hate fucking her ass hard he was whispering in her ear u better do everything I say u little bitch or I’ll beat ur pussy ass husband up Tyrone noticed that Everytime he mentioned her husband her butt hole with squeeze him tight and he was about to cum then he said I wish he can see my black dick disappering in ur ass and her but hole spasmed really hard and that triggered Tyrone to gush a torrent of cum up her ass . As son as he started coming up her ass maliha squirted from her pussy for the first time in her life he let out 8 thick nasty cum shots up her ass n Everytime he would cumm Ib her ass that would trigger something in her pussy n she would squirt
Tyrone started laughing and saying little slut and the maintenance man could of swore he heard anthote voice as Tyrone finished cumming in maliha ass he pulled out n saw her ass hole Try to close to it’s normal size he told her damn bitch u got a tight little ass hole and before his thick white cum started to cum our her little spasming butt hole he stuck the cork from the bottle he was drink up her ass he pushed it firmly up her ass to keep it clogged with all his black sperm trapped deep in her ass u better not take it out until I see u tommorow u slut bitch wife she looked at him n said okay please u already cummed in my ass . Tyrone got mad got her on her knees n for the first time maliha so the cock that was the first to go up her young married ass n could not believe how thick and ugly his black cock was he made her rub the tip of his big cock head on her cute pouty lips and his black cum started to spread around her lips she licked her lips and got to taste black cum n then he said leave my cum on ur lips and did it again n a little more cum appeared on her lips . Tyrone told her that is for ur husband when he kisses u it looks like clear lip stick any way he took her number and told her she better pick up on the first ring when he calls her . With that he pushed the sealing light In the elevator and jump up n hid on top the elevator and once he was safely hidden he told her to press the red button and moments later matience man open the door to see the cute Ms maliha sitting on the dirty elevator floor her husband went in and kissed his beautiful young wife all the crowd noticed the smell of dick and pussy and saw maliha looked a bit raveged her hispand helped her up n took her back to the apartment she didn’t want to go to the hospital she just wanted to go lay down so her husband helped her to her bed where she slept on her stomach and let her ass carefully in the air she was scared of leaking out any of Tyrones cum that was in her ass 15 min later she was fast asleep.



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