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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Lucky Pervert

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Lucky Pervert by Peeping Thom
(mff, mF teens, 1st, ped and inc)

Author’s note. This is my first foray into erotic fiction for a number of years and it is also the first story I have submitted to this forum.

This is the story of how some harmless flirting, an abundance of teenage hormones and a friend’s older sister lead to not only my loss of virginity but her younger sister’s as well.

The events recounted here took place in the mid 1980s, a time when people still felt safe leaving their doors open.

I’ve always felt more comfortable flirting with younger women/girls. When I was a junior in high school I spent most of my time flirting with my friends sister Kristen. It was more about just listening and letting her know that I thought she was cute. It wasn’t my design to try and seduce her because when I first started she was cute but not in any sexual way.

Kristen was my friend John’s younger sister and she was about three and a half years younger than me and when we first met she was only in the seventh grade and hadn’t started puberty yet.

John and I became friends when I moved to town and tried out for a couple of local hockey teams, we ended up playing on two youth hockey teams together. John was almost two years younger than I but we were both on the bubble for the age cut for our division. I was a regular fixture at his house, whether it was just hanging around or watching Boston Bruin’s home games. At that time Bruins home games were only available on cable and I didn’t have cable yet. I was an accepted member of the Wayland clan.

I noticed Johnny’s two sisters, Kim and Kristen from the very beginning and like Johnny they were all red heads (neither of the parents had red hair). Kim was my age and was the oldest of the three and Kristen was over a year younger than John. When I did see Kim at the house (she went to private school and was not one of my classmates) she barely said a word to either of her siblings, let alone one of her younger brother’s friends. In other words, she came off as a real bitch. Kristen on the other hand, always seemed cheerful and got along with her brother really well and accepted me without a problem.

Kim was 5’5″ tall and had a Ruben-esque build. Slightly overweight with large breasts that you could not help notice. She always dressed to emphasize her ample bosom and her freckle covered cleavage was always on display. She wore her red hair in typical 1980s fashion; lots of hairspray kept her long bangs standing tall. If it wasn’t for her usual scowl she could have been quite cute, her eyes were almost emerald green and she had a slightly up-turned nose covered in freckles.

Kristen was just under 5 feet tall and was petite without being skinny and her cheerful disposition made her cuter than she might have been judged. Her red hair was darker than either of her siblings, more of a dirty blonde than ginger. She had a light dusting of freckles across her button nose. Her eyes were a similar color as her older sister but her mischievous nature made her eyes seem brighter. Her breasts were just beginning to show, they barely made her shirt stand out from her belly.

The first couple of years I knew Kristen I never thought of her sexually, I knew she was going to be a babe but as I discovered, I need a girl to have curves before the dirty thoughts kicked in.

I don’t know if it was my subconscious laying plans for future years but once I found out she was ticklish, a day didn’t go by where I did not tickle her to some extent. She was especially ticklish on her knees and just above her hips. Some days I would just squeeze her knee and watch her body jump, which was always followed by her throwing an elbow at me somewhere. And on other days I wouldn’t stop tickling begged me several times to stop.

It didn’t take Kristen long to find out that I was ticklish also and she was soon fighting fire with fire. For some reason we both knew that we shouldn’t be blatant about our tickle wars and we rarely did it when her father was around. Mrs. Wayland was much more accepting as long as we weren’t rolling around on the floor every day and limited ourselves to a squeezed knee or a quick belly poke, she would smile and say something like, “Oh, you two!”

One afternoon after giving my perfunctory knock I walked into the house and heard giggling downstairs in the basement. I put my hockey skates and stick just inside the door.

“Hello, it’s Thom.” I called out to the house. The giggling stopped short for about thirty seconds and then the basement erupted in feminine laughter.

“Are you girls decent?” The laughter got harder and when I tried the basement door I was surprised to find it locked. I gave a quick knock and waited to be let in.

The girls continued to giggle and I could hear them picking up the single room in the cellar that Mr. Wayland had furnished. It took them longer than I would’ve expected to tidy up the game room. I had just finished taking off my jacket as I heard Kristen and another girl make their way up the stairs. When the door opened I recognize Kristen’s best friend Emily as they walked past me towards the living room. They were both wearing T-shirts and sweat pants and were carrying bundles that contained their shoes, socks and some of their clothing more appropriate for the chill winter day.

Emily was about the same height as Kristen but she had less of a boyish figure. Her breasts stood proud with thick nipples pushing against her T-shirt. She was a brunette with deep blue eyes. Her pretty face was only slightly marred by her braces.

As they sat on the living room couch, both girls faces were flushed and whatever they had been up to they obviously weren’t feeling the cold. I sat at the end of the couch and looked from girl to girl in an effort to try and figure out what they had been doing. Whatever it was they were still embarrassed. I looked over at the clock and said, “Johnny said he was going to be late but I was bored hope you don’t mind that I came early?”

Emily was breathing fast and with each breath her breasts pushed against her tight T-shirt clearly showing her thick erect nipples. Trying not to be obvious I looked over at Kristen and her tiny breasts were capped with big nipples. I was dying of curiosity, a little bit horny and at the same time trying to figure out some way to ease the girls’ discomfort.

I picked up the cable remote turned on the TV and asked if MTV was all right? The girls mumbled in the affirmative I paid strict attention to the TV. “Save a Prayer” by Duran Duran came on. In the 1980s one surefire way to get junior high girls to behave like girls was Duran Duran.

When the video was over Kristen looked at Emily and told me they’d be right back. They grabbed the bundles that they brought up with them and went up to Kristen’s room. They were only gone a couple minutes and they were now dressed more appropriately for winter.

While they were gone I moved to my usual spot on the couch. While I was waiting for them it occurred to me that whatever they had been doing had them both turned on. “They were probably experimenting with each other.” I thought to myself.

When the girls returned they sat so that I was in the middle. After a few more videos I worked up my nerve and turned down the volume;

Do you girls want to talk about it? Nothing you did should
ever make you feel that bad. I’m no expert but it’s perfectly
natural to experiment alone or with each other. I do know
for a fact Kristen that if you asked your mother she would
agree and as your mother she would be better at answering
any questions you have. I bet that if I hadn’t shown up when I
did you guys wouldn’t be embarrassed am I right?

“How did you know…” Kristen began and then took a minute to regather her thoughts. She looked at Emily and she nodded.

“I don’t know if you noticed earlier but my breasts have recently started to grow and it feels really good when I play with them. Also, I started growing hair down there.” She pointed to her crotch.

“Do you mean you’ve started growing pubic hair?” I asked.
She nodded.

I don’t have as much as my sister yet but there is a lot. When
I play with my boobs they start to feel good I also feel it
between my legs. I was showing Kristen that I didn’t even need
to touch my boobs and you could see them start to grow.

“Your nipples?” I asked.

“Not just my nipples the whole area around them.” It was obvious she was getting turned on talking about it and so was I. “I can show you if you want?”

“I would love to see it but I don’t think it’s a good idea.” I was getting really turned on but I knew I was in dangerous territory, “People would think I was taken advantage of you.”

“That’s bull shit!” Kristen exclaimed. “you’re only a few years older than us it’s not like you’re some dirty old man.” She hit the nail right on the emotional head, I felt like a dirty old man. I was 16 and I would turn 17 in the summer. Emily just started puberty and I still saw Kristen as just a little girl.

“If there’s nothing wrong with us experimenting with each other how come it’s wrong for you to join us?” She argued.

My body agreed with their argument and my penis was painfully erect and I knew the girls could see it pushing up against my pants. “I am almost 17 and I shouldn’t be experimenting with Junior High girls.

While my conscious and body raged in battle I was becoming closer to submitting to the girl’s wishes despite myself.

At the sound of the door knob turning all three of us leapt. My heart had already been working overtime and I swear it actually stopped beating for a second.

Johnny was home and I knew I was the only one in the house that was glad to see him right then. I don’t know what he thought when he walked into the living room and saw the different reactions on our faces. He was my friend and I was glad to see him but I buried the guilt about why I was glad.

“Thom, give me about five minutes and we can hit the pond.”

“No problem, I have to use the bathroom anyways.” He had come close to nearly scaring the crap out of me, and I was sitting awkwardly hopefully hiding my erection. Once in the bathroom, I pull down my pants and came in no time.

For the next few months I made sure I wasn’t alone with Kristen for very long especially when Emily was over. We had time to talk about it and it was a lot easier for me when Emily wasn’t around but somewhere Kristen was learning how to wear away at the fact that I honestly saw her as a little girl.

If I were to close my eyes and only pay attention to her words I would soon be lost. She had become a very good seductress.

One major concession I had made was tickling had become less intense and I usually let my hand linger afterward. It wasn’t uncommon for me to have my arm around her waist underneath the blanket as we watched TV on the couch.

By the time summer rolled around a handful of events led up to Kristen and I finally taking things to the next level. First and foremost was the dramatic change of Kristen’s body. Gone was the cute preteen and in her place was a young woman whose feminine curves showed that she would more than likely take after her sister’s and mother’s large breasts.

While my friendship with Johnny had remained the same my best friend at the time was his neighbor Jake. Although the term didn’t exist at the time I was definitely Jake’s wing man. More often than not I just felt like a third wheel or that I was just plain invisible to the girls we would meet at the mall.

The key event that would impact my relationship with Kristen was when Jake took me over to the Wayland’s. We went in through the cellar door and Jake told me to wait at the top of the stairs until I heard his signal. If this had been a movie my next question and his reply would have been cliché. I asked what signal and he told me I’d know it when I heard it.

I freely admit that at this time I had no idea what was going on but I didn’t want to seem like an idiot so I just nodded and waited. I could hear Jake talking but it took me a minute to figure out who the female was, what threw me off was the complete lack of bitchiness in the voice. Kim actually seemed excited to be talking with Jake and that whatever Jake was doing was prearranged.

I opened the door to hear what they were saying and I couldn’t believe when I heard Kim beg Jake to suck her tits. They were on the living room couch and Jake soon had Kim crying out in pleasure. After Kim’s cries died down Jake raised his voice and said, “Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

I listened as they climbed the stairs above me and waited a minute before I went out into the living room. Kim’s top and bra were still on the couch. They had left their clothes on the floor and I checked her bra size as I waited to see what happened next, she wore a 36DD. Jake and Kim’s voices could be clearly heard from where I was on the couch.

“Tell me what you want me to do!” Jake demanded.

“Please fuck me Jake!” Kim responded desperately.

It seemed like the more Jake treated her like shit the more Kim got off. I guess Jake was doing this to turn me on or more likely, just because he could. But what could have been a pleasurable voyeuristic experience just left me feeling cold. I tuned out the rest of what happened for Kim’s sake. I realized that her bitchy façade hid a lot of insecurity.

I wasn’t paying attention and I almost got caught as Kim came down the stairs naked, luckily she was looking over her shoulder as she talked with Jake. I had time to notice her large breasts. Her areolas were dark pink and about the same size as silver dollar pancakes. Jake’s cum was oozing off her right breast and into her cleavage. I just made out the thick bush of dark red hair covering her pussy as I tried to run quietly for the stairs.

A few days after the incident with Jake, Kim and I were alone on the couch while I waited for Johnny to get home. Despite my disgust for having been there a small part of me wished I had been the one with her that day. While I didn’t want to humiliate Kim I thought that I could take care of her without making her feel bad.

“Kim, can I suck your tits?” I asked after what seemed like a half hour of awkward silence.

She knew just by my asking that I had been there to witness her and Jake’s activities. But if I was expecting any sign of remorse or excitement at the prospect, I was completely surprised when I saw pity in her eyes. She didn’t answer and I was saved any further humiliation when Johnny showed up early.

Kim sat on the couch after Thom left thinking about what had just happened. She thought he was a really nice boy but she needed a man like Jake to take charge in the bedroom. His being there on Wednesday explained why Jake had been acting way over the top. Jake usually didn’t do much talking during their sexual encounters. They would meet several times during the week and Jake would have his way with her and bring her to orgasm several times. The conversation usually consisted of, “Suck my Dick,” or “let me fuck those fat titties” and some general small talk.

Kim couldn’t help noticing the growing chemistry between Thom and her sister over the years, especially now that Kristen had started puberty. Thom’s failed advance on her minutes ago, and his obvious raging hormones, helped crystallize the plan that had been brewing in her mind. If the weather stayed hot Wednesday she would implement her plan.

That night, Kim was slowly stroking her clit underneath the blankets trying to be quiet so that Kristen would not hear her. They had shared a bedroom for their whole lives and Kim had gotten very good at masturbating without letting her sister know.

“You really like Thom don’t you?” She asked her younger sister.

“Yeah, he is the only boy who really pays attention to me. I am not in love with him, if that is what you are asking but he is really cute and I like to be around him.”

“Does he turn you on?” Kim asked.

Despite what Thom had thought, Kim was actually very close with her siblings and they knew that they could talk about anything with her.

“My nipples are almost always hard and my panties are usually wet when I am around him.” She admitted.

“When did this first start happening?”

Thom would always tickle me when no one was around
and when I found out how ticklish he was we were almost
always tickling each other. When he was not tickling me he
left his arm around my waist. Then one day last winter Emily
and I were down in the basement and she was really horny.
She wanted to show me how her nipples were supersensitive
and how they could grow just by her thinking about it. She
took her top off and started playing with her breasts and it was
amazing how hard her nipples got. It wasn’t just her nipples, it
seemed like her whole breasts grew. I could feel my little nipples
getting hard as I watched her. I went up the stairs and locked the
door and we were soon both naked and playing with each other’s breasts. I noticed that Emily had a lot more pubic hair than I did,
almost as much as you had. We were both so caught up that we
didn’t hear Thom knock at the door. We almost died when he
called out. We thought for sure he knew what we were doing
when he asked if we were decent. We quickly threw on T-shirts
and sweatpants and went upstairs. He was sitting on the couch
so we both sat on each side of him. Things were getting really
good, we almost had Thom convinced to play with us when
Johnny came home and scared the shit out of us. After that day
Thom changed, he hardly spends any time with me alone and
rarely tickled me.

“Sounds like he is afraid that he might lose control.” Kim said. She thought for a minute; “I have an idea that I think you will like, invite Emily over on Wednesday.”

While listening to Kristen’s story Kim had been so caught up that she had two fingers in her pussy and was vigorously stroking her large clit and her orgasm hit her really hard. She let out a loud moan as her body shuddered in her bed.

Kristen had been up on one elbow looking at her sister as she told her story and she could see Kim’s hand moving quickly under her blankets. She was caught off guard when her sister’s hips thrust up off the bed and she let out a loud moan.

Kim opened her eyes and saw Kristen staring at her. She was still turned on, “Have you ever had an orgasm?” She asked her wide-eyed sister.

“Nothing like you just did. I had some really strong tingling sensations that felt really good. What were you doing?”

Kim threw off the blankets exposing herself. Her T-shirt was up showing off her large breasts with erect nipples and she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her red pussy hair was soaking wet and her fingers glistened with her juices. She stuck her fingers in her mouth and licked the juices off. She slipped her T-shirt off and moved over to Kristen’s bed, turning on the light as she pulled the blankets down and sat next to her sister.

“Why don’t you take her clothes off and I will show you.”

The younger girl was soon naked. Kim really checked out her sister for the first time. She had nice C cup breasts with puffy nipples that were rockhard. Kristen’s pubic hair was not as red as Kim’s but it was more red than the hair on her head and was damp with excitement.

“Just a sec,” Kim went over to the dresser and grabbed her makeup mirror and returned to the bed.

She gave Kristen the mirror. “Have you ever seen your pussy close-up?” Kristen shook her head. Kim sat so that her sister had a good view of Kim’s pussy. She spread her bush so that her erect clitoritis stood out from its hood. She touched her clit with her finger, “This is the clitoritis or clit for short. It is supersensitive and feels really great when it is touched.”

Using the mirror, Kristen easily found her own erect clitoritis and as soon as her finger touched it her whole body spasmed. “Oh, that really does feel good!” She said as she continued rubbing her finger across her love button. Having experienced her first small orgasm, she yearned for more.

“It also feels good when something is slid into your vagina.” Kim said as she demonstrated by spreading apart her thick labia and slipping two fingers into her pussy. “You should probably start with one finger, you are a lot tighter than I am.”

Kristen watched her sister’s fingers slide into her pussy and spread her lips apart and started to insert her index finger into her own vagina. She had plenty of lubrication but it took her some effort just to get the tip of her finger into her tight hole. Frustrated, she thrust the entire finger into her pussy and let out a hiss of discomfort but the pain only lasted an instant as she started to slide the finger in and out. The two sisters watched each other finger themselves and the visual stimulation was enough to send both girls over the edge.

Kristen luxuriated in the new sensations running through her body. Kim came almost as hard as she had a few minutes earlier. She had never had bi-curious thoughts before but thinking of her sister and Emily fondling each other and watching Kristen cum elicited new feelings in her. Kristen’s puffy nipples looked so sexy that Kim leaned forward and fondled the left breast as her tongue licked the right nipple. Kristen moaned with pleasure at yet another new sensation. Knowing that she was causing her baby sister more pleasure turned Kim on and she spent a few minutes licking each nipple as Kristen writhed beneath her.

Kim began working her way down her sister’s torso licking and kissing as she got closer to Kristen’s pussy. Kristen was unaware of what her sister intended she just enjoyed every minute of Kim’s attention. When Kim’s tongue brushed against her clitoritis Kristen’s body arched off the bed.

Lying in her bed in the room next door, Anne Wayland became aware of her daughters’ moans of pleasure. She was thankful that her husband John was asleep. Growing up as an only child and the taboo nature of what her daughters were doing was turning her on. She slipped her hand under her nightie and began to finger herself as she listened to the two girls.

Unaware that they were being overheard, Kim continued to lick her sister’s clit. She paused for a second, ignoring her sister’s moan of disappointment and sucked on her index finger getting it nice and wet before slipping it gently into Kristen’s tight pussy. Kristen’s moans increased in tempo and volume as her body built towards an incredible climax. Kristen opened her eyes as her sister continued to pleasure her, she saw that Kim’s pussy was in easy reach.

Kim moaned in surprise when she felt her sister’s tongue touch her clitoritis. Knowing that it was her sister’s tongue turned her on tremendously. She was old enough to realize that she was committing incest with her sister but the taboo only made it more enjoyable. Kristen took a second to get a good look at her sister’s pussy. On a whim, she sucked Kim’s meaty lips into her mouth which elicited another moan from her.

Anne listened as both her daughters’ moans grew more intense and she had to bite her pillow to silence her own cries of pleasure as she came with her two girls.

The two sisters lay together as aftershocks rippled through their bodies. As the pleasure wound down, Kim turned so that she could hug her sister. Kristen kissed her sister chastely in appreciation and Kim returned the kiss gently making out with her sister. Exhausted, the two girls fell asleep.

Sometime during the night Kim returned to her own bed after pulling the blankets up over her sister.

At breakfast the next morning, John senior could not help noticing that the Wayland women were especially chipper, Johnny was his usually moody morning self.

“Mom it is alright if Emily comes over this afternoon, right?” Kristen asked.

“Of course, dear. Do not make too much of a mess.” Anne replied. “I am going to be a little late tonight so you will have to start dinner for your brother and father.”

“I am going straight over to Scott’s house after school, is it alright if I sleep over” Johnny asked.

“Sure, honey.” Anne told her son.

Kim and Kristen exchanged glances. This fit their plans well because they were not quite sure how to keep Johnny out of the way.

“It is supposed to be a scorcher today, it’s okay if you turn on the air conditioner.” John told the kids.

Kim had finished school the week before and she would make sure that everything was perfectly planned for later in the afternoon.

After the family finished breakfast and the house was empty, Kim went upstairs to start preparations. She went into Kristen’s dresser and took out all her sisters bathing suits. She put aside two bikinis that would be perfect for Kristen and Emily. One set was two years old and would barely contain Kristen’s blossoming body and leave nothing to the imagination. And the other would work just perfectly for Emily.

She went into his parents bedroom and borrowed a pair of her mother’s skimpiest swim suits. Looking at the bikini Kim realized just how attractive her mother was.

I was so glad when the school day ended. Although I did not see Johnny on the bus I figured he would hit in the pool as soon as he got home. I threw on my swim trunks and headed over to the Wayland’s. When I got to the house I heard female laughter and voices from the other side of the fence. The weather was so oppressive that I didn’t even hesitate to knock on the gate.

A chorus of female voices told me the gate was open and to come on in. I walked into the backyard and was greeted by the site of Kim, Kristen and Emily climbing out of the pool. I thought for a second that the girls were not wearing any bikini bottoms because I could see all three girls’ asses as they climbed out of the pool. Next, as if it had been choreographed the girls turned to face me. For the first time I was able to fully see how much Kristen and Emily had developed since last summer. I recognized the bathing suits that the two young girls were wearing; I remembered seeing Kristen in them a couple of summers ago. Not to be outdone, Kim was wearing a bikini top that consisted of two triangles that barely covered her nipples and left her areolas partially exposed.

My penis was almost fully erect as I climbed up the ladder to the deck. The girls had just sat in the chaise lounge and they lingered long enough so that I could see between their thighs. Kristen and Emily’s bikini bottoms were so small I could see pubic hair out the sides and the skin-tight material hugged their pussy mounds. Kim was wearing French cut bottoms that practically split her pussy lips. Three sets of erect nipples caught my glance next. I took my time looking from girl to girl starting with Kristen. The undersized bikini top was almost transparent and I could easily see the shape of her breasts with their puffy nipples. Emily’s breasts were spilling out the side of the bikini and her nipples seemed larger than I remembered them. Kim met my glance with a wicked grin as I took in her voluptuous tits in practically their full glory.

The girls had huge smiles on their faces and I barely stammered a “Hi” before jumping into the pool to try and hide my erection. The girls erupted in laughter as I came up from the water sputtering because it was so cold. The cold water had done its job in making my erection subside but I didn’t dare look on the deck. But what I had seen was burned into my memory and my cock began to grow again quickly. I bit the bullet and turned towards the girls.

“I am glad you like what you see,” Kim said “I picked the outfits myself.” She looked underwater like she could fully see my erection. Kristen and Emily burst into a fit of giggles as they too were looking at my swimsuit.

Kim turned to the two younger girls and nodded; “If you want to see more follow us into the house.” The three girls got out of their chairs did a quick wipe down with their towels and headed for the ladder.

I could not get out of the pool fast enough. I grabbed my towel, dried my hair and took off after them. They were waiting at the bottom of the ladder and started walking as I climbed down. I didn’t bother to hide my erection as I looked at the girls nearly bare asses as they walked in front of me. The girls took turns looking over their shoulder and smiling as they saw my erection.

Kim opened the door and they all stepped through. When they were in the house, once again as if choreographed, they simultaneously untied the strings to their bikini tops and turned towards me. They let the strings fall forward and caught the bikinis so that they covered just the nipples. Making sure I was looking they let go of the tops and I could see their boobs in their naked glory. They let me look for a minute then turned around and headed for the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs the girls bent over and pulled their bikini bottoms down, stepped out of them and headed up the stairs.

“When in Rome,” I thought as I quickly pulled down my shorts and followed the naked girls upstairs.

Kim open the bathroom door stepped in and the other two followed her in. When she bent over to turn on the shower I could see her meaty pussy lips and I felt my cock twitch. They climbed into the shower and beckoned me to follow. The shower was definitely not designed for four people and to my delight my erect penis brushed up against naked girl flesh. Kim checked the water temperature from the spout, nodded and turned on the shower head.

My cock was only 6 inches and a little thicker than a banana and I had seen enough porn to know that I was not large, but I knew from reading that it was at least average sized. Each time my shaft rubbed against a girl it jerked. Kim grabbed the soap and lathered up her hands and turned towards me. Sensing I was about to blow, she soaped up my penis and quickly jerked me off. I came on her tits, which for me was quite an accomplishment as I usually only shoot a couple of inches or so. The two younger girls watched in fascination as my ejaculation shot in the air.

The girls noticed that my erection did not go down so they each took turns washing my hard penis. Kim passed me the soap and I got my hands nice and soapy and began to wash Kim’s breasts. As I cleaned my cum off of her I gently kneaded her breasts I could feel her shutter as my palms brushed her nipples. Kristen and Emily waited for me to wash them as well. I moved from Kim to Emily and was rewarded with a loud moan as I brushed against her hard nipples. I had deliberately saved Kristen for last so that I could really take my time. My hands slowly caressed her breasts and I felt a small hand wrap around my penis.

I grabbed the removable showerhead and rinsed the soap from Kristen’s breasts. Leaning down, I ran my tongue across her right nipple while I continued to caress her left breast. I wrapped my mouth around her puffy nipple and began sucking as much of her tit as I could. I could not quite fit her whole breast into my mouth but I made sure not to neglect what I could not suck. My tongue slid under budding mound as I applied more pressure with my mouth on her nipple. “Yes, suck it,” she whispered into my ear. After a couple minutes of feasting on her right breast I switch to the other and she continued to whisper and moan into my ear.

I felt another hand brush the head of my cock and I was glad I had just cum or I probably would have ejaculated again. I looked over at Kim and saw her lathering her thick bush. She saw that I was watching and used her left hand to spread her pussy lips apart and inserted two of her fingers from her right hand. I finish sucking on Kristen’s breasts and looked at Kim and then down to her sister’s bush.

She nodded and said, “Be gentle.”

Emily’s hand continued to stroke the head of my penis as she ground her mound against my leg. My right hand slid between Kristen’s legs and I gently inserted my index finger into her waiting hole and my palm massaged her clitoris. She was breathing heavily into my ear as she pushed against my hand. Emily saw what I was doing and grabbed my left hand and guided it towards her young snatch. Soon I had both hands in a young pussy and the shower resounded with girlish moans.

The two younger girls increased the speed of their hands on my penis. Kim had been watching me closely as she fingered herself and could tell that I was about to cum again.

“Let us take this downstairs,” she announced. The three of us all moaned in disappointment but we looked forward to whatever she had planned. We stepped out of the shower and started drying each other off. She gently brushed the towel against my penis trying not to set me off. I called forth every bit of willpower I could possess and fought against coming.

When we were all dry the girls did that wonderful trick where they wrapped the towel around their body so that their torsos and their crotches were covered. I wrapped my towel around my waist. When we reached the bottom of the stairs the girls picked up their discarded bikini bottoms and we headed into the living room. Kim indicated that Kristen and Emily should join be on the couch as she turned her father’s chair towards the couch and sat down.

At the Century 21 office and was alone. Her last appointment of the day had just called to cancel. She had been horny all day recalling the events of last night. She had slipped into the office bathroom earlier to masturbate and enjoyed a fairly strong orgasm. The office was air-conditioned but she still found herself sweating and looked forward to hitting the pool when she got home. She locked up the office and headed home.

Sitting on the couch I felt the urge to ejaculate mildly subside. Kim undid her towel but continued to sit on it to keep the chair dry. The two younger girls followed suit and I was the only one still covered. I looked from girl to girl and could see them looking at my lap.

“Thom, since you are on the verge of coming why don’t you show us how you masturbate.” Kim’s voice had taken on a commanding tone it was not the usual bitchy voice I was used to but it was obvious she meant business.

I undid the towel from my waist and my cock sprang up. Three sets of eyes were staring at me intently as I took my penis between my first two fingers and thumb and started jerking off. Kim was the first to lower her hand down to her lap and gently play with herself as she watched me. Kristen and Emily took this as a signal and also began playing with their pussies.

I had never masturbated in front of anyone before and it was really exciting as they gave me their undivided attention. I slowly stroked my cock and looked at each girl in turn. We were all breathing heavily and I tried my best to prolong the experience but I could only hold off for so long before I ejaculated onto my stomach. I was about to wipe it up with the towel when Kim told the other two to check it out. They leaned in closer and ran their fingers through my cum. They notice the sticky texture and took their time investigating.

“You can taste it if you want,” she suggested. “I happen to like the taste but some girls do not.” she got out of the chair and came over to the couch. She gathered some of my ejaculate in her fingers and put them in her mouth.


Kristen and Emily did not hesitate to try it for themselves. “It is kind of salty but I like it,” Kristen said. “Yeah, me too.” Emily agreed. The girls did a good job of cleaning up my cum and I was surprised when Kim leaned forward and suck my dick into her mouth. My penis, which it started to go down immediately rose to attention as Kim cleaned off the last of my seed. When she was done she motioned for me to stand and she took my place between the two girls.

“Now I am going to teach you how to properly eat a pussy.” She told me. The younger girls got closer for a better look. I got down on my knees and eagerly moved my head towards her pussy. “First you have to tease a girl by licking around her pussy.” She explained. I did as I was told and proceeded to lick around her bush. The delicious aroma of her pussy flooded my nostrils. I moved my head down so that I was licking her inner thighs. Kim thrust her hips up and I could see her juices flowing out of her pussy.

“Not bad, have you done this before?” Kim asked me. “Just once.” I responded.

“Really? Anyone I know?”

“Carolyn.” I told her. Carolyn was her next-door neighbor.

“Do tell, did she cum?”

“I think so, but I am not sure. She was busy making out with John at the time.”

“Hmm… Really? When did this happen?”

” Last summer.” I told her.

Taking the initiative, I brushed my tongue against her clit and gently bit her labia. She moaned her approval. “You seem to be a natural, continue.” She instructed. After sucking on her lips I spread them with my fingers so that I can put my tongue in her pussy. She tasted delicious and I tried to swallow as much of her juices as I could. I alternated back and forth for a few minutes as she writhed on the couch. When I returned my tongue to her clit I inserted two fingers into her. The combination of my fingers pumping into her and my tongue on her clit sent her over the edge. “Oh fuck yes!” She screamed as she pushed her crotch tightly against my face. I kept going as her body was wracked with spasms until she collapsed onto the couch.” Stop. I can’t take anymore.” She begged.

She rested blissfully on the couch for a minute before saying; “Who is next?”

“Me, me!” The girls cried in unison.

Since this day was really about Kristen, I started with Emily and got her off quickly. Her pussy tasted sweeter than Kim’s. When it was Kristen’s turn I made sure to tease her by bringing her close to the edge and then changing tempos several times until she let out a shriek and my face was flooded with her pussy juices as her body jumped on the couch. I kept my face buried in her crotch and swallowed her delicious nectar.

Kim turned to Emily, “This next part is for Kristen only, no offense. I will talk with your sister to see if she has someone in mind for you.”.

She indicated for me to lay down on the couch and went over to the kitchen table. She returned with a condom but before she opened it she said, “I want to make sure you last a long time for my sister.” Her eyes lit up and she turned to Kristen and Emily. “Want to learn how to suck a cock?” She asked the younger girls. It was obvious by the girls faces that they were not quite sure what she meant but they both nodded.

“Normally, you want to take your time when you give a blow job but right now we want to get Thom off pretty quickly.” She grabbed me by the base of of my penis. “Luckily, his penis is just the right size to practice on. Big enough that you can learn the basics but not too big that you choke on him.”

Anne arrived home and was surprised that no one was in the pool. She tried the side door but it was locked. She is suspicious and listen through the door. Anne could hear Kim’s voice but could not quite make out what she was saying she listened for another moment before deciding to go around back to the sliding door.

“You want to start by it is penis nice and wet.” Kim said as she began running her tongue around the length of my throbbing cock. I moaned in delight as I started to receive my first blow job. “Now pay careful attention to what I am doing.” She took the head of my erection into her mouth and gently sucked her tongue gently caressed my glans. I thrust my hips up and she let the entire length of my cock slide into her mouth. She pumped her head up and down a few times and then sensing I was about to climax she wrapped her hand tightly around the base of my penis blocking the flow of semen. She lifted her head and turned to Emily.

You will be able to tell when he is about to cum when you feel
the veins throbbing in your mouth, normally you would let him
come in your mouth but I want Kristen to experience that. When
you feel is penis start to throb wrap your hand tightly around the
base of his shaft. This also works if you want to drive a guy crazy.
Since his penis is already wet you can take it straight into your
mouth. When you get down to the base make sure to relax your
throat so that you do not choke.

Kim left her hand wrapped around my penis as Emily moved into place. My balls were aching with the need to release but the pressure from Kim’s hand lessened the urgency. Emily took the head into her mouth and ran her tongue along the edge, “She is gonna be one hell of a cock sucker” I thought to myself as she slid her mouth down the length of my shaft. She took a minute to get used to the feeling in her throat and then started sliding her mouth up and down. Emily had paid close attention to Kim’s words and as soon as I could feel my semen work its way up from the balls she wrapped her hand tight around the base. “Maybe some other day you can give him a proper blow job but our goal is to empty out his balls as quickly as possible so that he will last with Kristen.”

“Your turn,” she told her sister. “When you feel is cock throb in your mouth be prepared for a mouthful of sperm.”

Kristen eagerly switched places with her friend and took my hard-on into her mouth. When her lips reached the base of my penis I let out a moan, knowing that I was soon going to be able to finally shoot my load. She thrust her head up and down for less than a minute before I cried out; “I’m coming!” Kristen locked her lips tightly around my cock as I shot of fairly decent size load into her mouth. She didn’t swallow right away, instead she kept the sperm in her mouth as she lifted her head off me. She turned to the other two girls and opened her mouth to show the semen then turned back to me and swallowed.

Anticipating what was going to happen next my penis only went down slightly. Kim opened the condom and expertly rolled it down the shaft making sure that the reservoir tip was pulled out. “The easiest way for your first time is to just lower yourself down over his cock.

Anne slowly crept up the stairs of the patio and stealthily approached the sliding glass door. The kids had not bothered to close the blinds and she could see clearly into the living room. She gasped as she watched her youngest daughter lowered herself slowly down Thom’ s erect penis as Kim and Emily watched. Despite her shock she was glad to see that he was wearing a condom. She was surprised that her daughter was having sex at thirteen but was glad to see her older sister was there for support. She was also comforted by who she chose to have sex with, she knew Thom would not hurt her.

Kristen’s pussy was extremely tight and she took her time getting used to my penis before lowering herself all the way down. When she bottomed out we both let out a gasp. We were both experiencing brand-new sensations. Despite hearing how good sex was no words were good enough to describe the actual sensation. Her vagina was tight, hot and wet. I think we were both content to stay in that position for a moment as we both caught our breath. She took a deep breath and began to ride up and down my shaft. We were both moaning in harmony as she caught her rhythm. I placed my hands on her hips but let her control the tempo. After a minute, I reached behind me and tucked the throw pillow under my head. I reached up and took her breasts in my hands and gently squeezed.

We were so wrapped up in what we were doing that when Kim spoke we were both startled. “How about change in position?” Kim suggested. “I think you will like this one, it is my favorite, doggy-style.” Kristen and I were equally disappointed when my penis came out of her.

I had seen enough porn to know what doggy-style was but Kristen needed her sister’s instructions. When Kristen was on all fours I kneeled behind her and slowly slid inside her. Despite the air-conditioning we were both sweating as we found the perfect rhythm.

Because I had so recently came I was pleasantly surprised at how long I was able to last as her pussy clenched my penis each time that I pushed in. I was surprised when I felt a hand brush my balls. Kristin’s pussy walls spasmed around my cock and her moans got even louder. Apparently Kim was rubbing her sisters clitoris. “As you can tell when you rub your clit like this it feels even better.” I distantly heard Kim’s voice say as her hand brushed up against my balls again. This time she lingered and caressed my testicles as Kristen started bucking beneath me. I leaned forward and took her breasts in my hand again. Clearly the combined stimulation on her breasts and clitoris was more than she could take. “Oh fuck!” She screamed as she bucked back against me a few times and then her pussy clamped tight around my penis which triggered my orgasm.

Outside, Anne had two fingers buried deep in her pussy as she watched Kristen get fucked. She had lost her virginity and her sophomore year in college to John. She had never been with another man and was content with her husband. The site of these two young teens having sex was so erotic that she didn’t care if it was broad daylight and anyone could see her. She had pulled up the gold Century 21 skirt, pushed her panties aside and fingered herself in rhythm with the young couple. When Kristen climbed off of Thom Anne was relieved to see he was wearing a condom. She had never watched another couple have sex before and doggy-style was also her favorite position. When Kristen came it pushed Anne over the top and she climaxed with her daughter. She hurriedly made herself decent and snuck back down the stairs and quietly opened the gate and went back to her car.

Kristen slumped forward onto the couch in front of me. I let go of her breasts and eased my softening cock out of her pussy making sure to grab the condom as I did so. I heard Kim and Emily moans and as I looked at them they were flushed and they were both gently playing with their pussies. I pointed to the full condom and asked Kim where I should put it. She told me to bury it in the bathroom trash can and bring the bag back with me.

When I came back to the living room the girls had already pulled on their bikini bottoms and were putting the tops on. Kim finished tying the bikini top and pulled the strap over her head. She walked over to me, kissed me gently on the cheek and took the bag from me. I heard the trash compactor start. I saw my shorts on the couch, put them on and sat next to Kristen. I reached over and pulled Kristen toward me. She did not resist as I pulled her face close so that I could kiss her. Satiated and exhausted we only made out for a minute before collapsing back against the couch.

We heard a car door close in the driveway. Kim ran over and unlocked the door and then hurried back grabbing the cable remote as she sat down. She just had time to turn the cable on when we heard the door open. All four of us looked around the living room to make sure that there were no signs of what we have been doing.

Mrs. Wayland walked into the living room, glanced at our guilty faces and said; “Wow! This place reeks of sex.” She looked at me, “I hope you wore a condom.”

“I did Mrs. Wayland.”

“Call me Anne when the guys are in around. I am going to throw on a bathing suit, while we are in the pool we can let this place air out.”

It only took her a few minutes to change and when she came back downstairs my jaw dropped open. I had seen Mrs. Wayland in the pool before but she was always wearing a conservative one piece swimsuit. The bikini she had on was almost as revealing as the one Kim had on. Noticing the look on my face, she smiled and did a slow pirouette. She was wearing French-cut bottoms and her firm ass cheeks were clearly on display. Mrs. Wayland was hot, her breasts were the same size as her older daughter’s but hers had no sag. She obviously took great pride in her body and it was obvious that she worked out. There was not an extra ounce of fat to be seen on her body.

Still smiling she looked at me, “Not bad for an old lady, eh?” I finally closed my mouth and nodded. Then remembering what she said, I sputtered “you’re not old!”

“Okay. Not old but older. How do I compare to these three?” She asked with a wicked grin.

“You are hot! You are all hot!” I blurted out. I realized I would never look at her the same.

Anne had not seen such a look of pure appreciation from anyone other than her husband in the years and it turned her on. “Well let’s go for a swim and let this place air out before John gets home and thinks he walked into a brothel.”

I had got another erection looking at Mrs. Wayland and noticed that her nipples were now erect as she passed me heading for the sliding door. I quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist as I followed the women outside. Because I was last in line I had a beautiful view of four totally distinct but sexy asses as they climbed the ladder. They all jumped quickly into the pool and I hesitated on the deck afraid that Mrs. Wayland would see my hard-on.

The women were smiling at me from the pool, totally aware of why I had the towel on. Hearing Mrs. Wayland giggle set the other three girls off. I blushed as they stared at me once again. Remembering how cold the water was, I quickly threw off the towel and jumped into the pool. I knew they had all seen my erection but I was no longer concerned about the girls just Mrs. Wayland.

Anne was horny as hell. She knew that she was sexy. But something in the way that Thom was looking at her and the fact that she had caused him to get hard was driving her crazy. After checking the neighbors house and seeing no one home she decided to throw caution into the wind.

She looked from Thom to the three girls and then at her daughters specifically, “You know what we haven’t done in ages?” She asked rhetorically. Her daughters answered anyway “What?”

In one quick movement she had her top off and threw it onto the deck. “Gone skinny-dipping.” She said as the four teens stared at her in shock. Her daughters only hesitated a second before tossing their bikini tops onto the deck. Now Thom and Emily were looking at each other. Emily thought about it and realized that Mrs. Wayland had seen her naked before and she had just been naked in front of Thom. She was soon topless with the other women.

I could not believe my eyes. I was in shock and didn’t know what to do. All four of the women were staring at me. As if she understood my dilemma Mrs. Wayland looked at the girls; “Oh, he already has his top off.” Once again she looked at her daughters, it only took a minute for them to catch on and they nodded at her. The Wayland women bent down in the pool and pulled off their bikini bottoms and toss them up alongside their discarded tops. Emily only paused the second before she too was naked in the swimming pool. “What the hell, I have been naked most of the day anyway” I thought and bent over and took off my swimming trunks. After everything that had happened today I could not believe how hard I was. Even though the girls had seen me intimately they join Mrs. Wayland looking at my crotch under the water.

After a minute Mrs. Wayland leaned back in the water and floated so that I could see her dark bush and the rest of her naked glory. Unlike daughters it was obvious she trimmed her pubic hair. Soon all four women were floating on their backs.

Anne’s pussy juice leaked into the pool and being naked was just not enough. Despite the inner conflict in her mind she wanted to see and feel Thom’s erection. She was trying hard to think of how to do it. Finally she said; “Don’t be shy Thom, come closer.”

I only hesitated for a second before swimming closer to the four women. Mrs. Wayland beckoned me towards her. She cupped her breasts in her hands, “You can touch them if you want.” This drew a surprised look from her daughters but I was not about to pass up the offer. She stood on her feet again so that I could easily reach her breasts. I reached out with both hands and gently cupped her firm breasts and her nipples were hard against my palms, she let out a moan of appreciation.

Anne was aware of her daughters’ surprised looks. “Did you get to feel their breasts?” She asked Thom.

“Yes Mrs. Way… I mean Anne.”

Despite his shy answer, he was looking at her hungrily. She boldly reach forward and wrapped her hand around his penis. She could feel it throb in her hand. The three girls looked at each other, shrugged and swam closer.

I was shocked by Mrs. Wayland’s actions but I got another surprise when I felt breasts rub against my back and someone grabbed my ass. A smaller hand cupped my balls and I jumped. The women giggled and soon I could not tell whose hand was on my cock. Using my penis as a rudder I was guided towards the deck. I felt a warm mouth replace the hands on my penis. I looked down and saw that Kim was sucking my cock. When she came up for air her mother smiled at her. Kristen was next to go underwater and she took my hard shaft in her mouth. Mrs. Wayland moved to my right and as she took my hand she whispered in my ear, “I am sorry Thom, my hormones have got the better of me. This can only happen once.”

Anne turned her body so that the girls could not see as she guided Thom’s hand into her pussy. His cock had felt as good she imagined and she was not sure when she decided she wanted him to make her come. He let two fingers slide in and let his thumb rub her button. She let out a silent hiss of pleasure and tightened her pussy around his fingers.

I watched as Kristen was replaced by Emily. I knew that it was going to take them a lot longer to make me come and that this would definitely be the last time I would be able to come. Looking into Mrs. Wayland’s eyes I understand that she did not want her daughters to know what I was doing. I nodded in silent understanding and tried to keep my arm still above the water. “I wish I can let you do more,” she whispered. “But I am afraid I have already let things go too far.” I looked back underwater and Emily started to float up. Kim looked me in the eyes and I could see her determination. She ducked back underwater and rubbed her tongue around the glans of my penis. I shuddered and realized she was determined to be the one to make me come. I added a third finger into Mrs. Wayland’s warm pussy and started rubbing furiously against her clit.

Anne knew why Thom had increased his actions. “Bless his heart, he is about to climax and he wants to make sure I come first.” The thought only made him more endearing. She could feel her climax fastly approaching and she pushed her crotch tighter against his hand. The woman feel the young boy’s body stiffen and knew they were both about to orgasm.

The combination of Kim fondling my balls, expertly sucking my cock and her mother pushing her pussy tight against my hand was more than I could handle and my balls actually hurt as the last of my semen squirted up my shaft and into her mouth. My cock head ached as I pushed Kim’s head away. She surfaced with a smile of triumph. I felt the older woman’s pussy pulse around my fingers as her warm juices mixed with the colder pool water.

Kim’s mother opened her eyes, took a second to compose herself and then spoke to us; “We better get decent before your father gets home.” She smiled “Let us keep this our little secret shall we.”

My balls were still aching and as I pulled up my shorts the material rubbed against the head of my cock and I let out an audible hiss. Only Kim and her mother understood why I was in so much pain and they looked at me with sympathy.

“I am going to head home and get some rest if that is okay?”

“Okay Thom, I think the girls can handle the cleanup. We will see you around.”

Kim came up gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered; “I’m sorry I am such a bitch all the time. I do like you, you know?” I nodded and gave her a small smile. The walk home was excruciating but I would not have traded the day for anything.


When Anne and John were in bed that night she looked at her husband. “You will never guess what I did today dear.”

John could see the glint in her eye and knew that she was horny. “What did you do you little minx?” He smiled while he waited for her to tell him.

“I went skinny-dipping with the girls… and Thom today.”

“What? Really? Kim and Kristen and Thom?”

“Emily was there as well but that is not all.”

She rolled over so that her wet pussy was rubbing against his leg and started stroking his penis. “We all let him feel our tits and played with his cock.”

“Oh really? And was that all you did?” He reached down and put his hand over her pussy. He could not remember the last time she was this wet without any foreplay.

John’s penis was rock hard as she stroked him. “I also let him finger-fuck me until I came all over his hand.” She rolled over and slid his hard penis into her soaking wet hole. “Don’t worry, the girls were too busy sucking on his cock to see.”

John held her in position so that she did not move, the last sentence had almost made him cum. “Our little girls were sucking on a boy’ s penis?” He should have been mad at Thom but instead he felt a little jealous.

“Emily as well,” she told him.

She felt his cock spasm inside her.

First off, Kim has not been little in a long time. Secondly,
you dirty old man I can tell that the thought of your daughters
sucking cock turned you on. After what I did today I am not
in the greatest moral ground, it is okay to think about. But if
you ever do more than think about it I will cut your penis off.

Although her tone had been gentle the words were like iron. His penis grew soft at her words but he could not get the image of his daughters sucking cock out of his mind and he grew rock hard again. “You do know that I will not be able to look at the girls the same again but I will take all my frustrations out on you.” His hands were still around her waist and he thrust deep inside her.

She knew that it was wrong and that both of them were thinking about their daughters but she could not help crashing down to meet his rock hard member.

John and Anne fucked hard and fast and came rather quickly.

In the next room Kristen and Kim had been talking about everything that happened that day.

“You know Kristen, I could have sworn that mom let Thom finger her. When I finished sucking Thom off and came out of the water her body was rigid and she was breathing super-fast.”

“Wow! Do you really think so?”

“Now that I think about it, I never did hear the car pull in the driveway.” She paused and thought, “You know what, I think she might have been watching us this afternoon.”

“Kim, I think you are right. If she thought we had had sex but didn’t know do you think she would have been that cool about it?”

Kim had to agree. She had been looking at the ceiling but turned towards Kirsten;

Mom is super cool but if she did not know, why would she say
something in front of Thom and Emily? She would have been too
embarrassed. I am just glad dad does not know, he thinks about
us as his little girls.

At the breakfast table the next morning Kim could not wait for her father to leave. Finally, Kim and Kristen were alone with their mother.

“You watched us yesterday afternoon didn’t you mom? How much did you see?”

“Yes, Kim I saw you yesterday. I am not sure how much I saw. When I arrived Kristen was just lowering herself onto Thom’s penis.” She smiled at her daughter’s, “why how much did I miss?”

“Mostly foreplay,” Kim replied. “It turned you on didn’t it? Is that why you let Thom finger you in the pool.”

“I didn’t think you saw that, I was trying to be discreet.” She admitted.

I was a bit shocked that you were having sex already Kristen, I
did not lose my virginity until college. I was really glad to see that
it was Thom you were with though, he is a really nice boy and I
know he would not hurt you. Are you in love with him?

“I really like him mom, he makes me feel special but I am not in love with him.”

I did not want you to get your heart broken. Enjoy the
summer because next year he will be a senior and you will
be starting your freshman year.
Seniors who date freshman are usually given a hard time.

Anne looked at Kristen, “Was yesterday your first time?”

“Yes it was an thanks to Kim, I really enjoyed it. She was a really good teacher.”

“Kim, I thought you did not like Thom.”

“I like him, he is really nice and I don’t know why am always such a bitch around him. I apologized to him yesterday.”

Anne reached into her purse and took out a box of condoms. “I had planned on giving these to Kim but now I see you both need them.”

Kim looked startled. “I see Jake sneaking out of the house when I get home.” She said to her older daughter.



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